A NEW NOTHING — Ben Alper / Nat Ward

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Ben Alper / Nat Ward

16 pages
accordion binding
12 tipped in 4" x 5" images
risograph printing

design and binding by

limited edition of 100


This publication will be the first material publication related to A New Nothing— an online project space that facilitates image-based conversations between artists. Essentially, it’s a space for impulsive and intuitive artistic play in public. Much like written or spoken language, each conversation on the site possesses its own unique cadence, affect and pace. Some develop rapidly and energetically, while others evolve more slowly and methodically. Once an artist is chosen for inclusion on the site, they invite their own conversational partner and begin a visual back and forth, responding to images as they are posted. There are currently over 40 active conversations on the site and over 100 participating artists in total.

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