CMYKinda* Risograph Workshop [ REMOTE ACCESS ONLY ]


Asynchronous remote access will allow the purchaser to have 6-month access to the CMYKinda workshop folder and recordings. Access will require an active Google account as it is hosted via Google Drive. Users will also be added to a Google Chat group, allowing them access to a community of participants and the course instructor (Travis Shaffer).

Note: Users may download folder items for personal use only. Course content is occasionally added/revised and there will be occasional voluntary open Google Meet meetings to interact with Travis and other participants.

Current Enrollment options:

FULL REMOTE ACCESS —300$— Participants will receive full asynchronous access to all 12 workshop recordings and assorted resource files via GOOGLE DRIVE for 6 months. The instructor will also hold occasional open forum / Q+A sessions throughout the year.


CMYKinda* was a LIVE REMOTE WORKSHOP led by Travis Shaffer on the topic of multi-color risograph output for photographic imagery.

The workshop was split into 12 topical sessions held via GOOGLE MEET.

All sessions were recorded and are currently hosted in a shared GOOGLE DRIVE folder.
Topics Include:

*RISO Screening and Linearity;
*Experimental Screening Methods;
*Spot vs Process Color;
*Duotone Printing;
*Color Space + Gamut;
*2CLR ICC profiles;
*Custom CMYK separations in Photoshop;
*3CLR and 4CLR N-Color ICC Profiles;
*Soft Proofing;
*Photoshop Separation Output;
*InDesign Pre-Press Workflow.

For more information view the SYLLABUS HERE: