CMYKinda* Risograph Workshop [JUNE 2023]

Sold out $25.00 - $300.00

*** Workshop enrollment closed *** for more info email

***If you are interested in asynchronous remote access we will be re-opening the workshop enrollment in July with an option for 6-month access to the workshop folder and recordings***

CMYKinda* is a REMOTE WORKSHOP led by Travis Shaffer on the topic of multi-color risograph output for photographic imagery.

The workshop is split into 12 topical sessions that will be held via GOOGLE MEET on Mondays and Thursdays with two sessions on each day at 11:00 am and 12:30 pm CDT.

Sessions will be hosted on GOOGLE MEET and session recordings will be hosted on a GOOGLE DRIVE folder available to participants. Topics Include:

*RISO Screening and Linearity;
*Experimental Screening Methods;
*Spot vs Process Color;
*Duotone Printing;
*Color Space + Gamut;
*2CLR ICC profiles;
*Custom CMYK separations in Photoshop;
*3CLR and 4CLR N-Color ICC Profiles;
*Soft Proofing;
*Photoshop Separation Output;
*InDesign Pre-Press Workflow.

Enrollment options:

FULL ACCESS —300$— Participants will receive full workshop access including asynchronous access to all 12 workshop recordings and assorted resource files via GOOGLE DRIVE through 12/2023. We will also hold two open forum / Q+A sessions that fall off schedule to accommodate participants who cannot attend live sessions.


PICK and CHOOSE —$25 per session— Participants can enroll in individual workshop topics. Participants may attend the live session and they will receive access to the session recording and other materials related only to the topic(s) chosen.

For more information view the SYLLABUS HERE: