CMYKinda* Risograph Workshop [ FALL 2024 ]

$100.00 - $400.00

USE CODE NYABFKINDA for 100$ OFF --> Through May 31st

CMYKinda* is a LIVE REMOTE WORKSHOP led by Travis Shaffer on the topic of multi-color risograph output with an emphasis on photographic imagery.

CMYKinda* has two enrollment options:
[1] New Enrollment $400usd = full-workshop and GOOGLE DRIVE access
[2] Re-Registration $150usd = access for v1 and v2 participants to updated CMYKinda* materials and new meetings.

The workshop will consist of and introductory meeting, a formal presentation and 12 workshop sessions held via GOOGLE MEET.

All sessions are recorded and are hosted to a shared GOOGLE DRIVE folder.

Fall 2024 sessions include:

Welcome Meeting
on [Color/Shift] → Sorry, Not Sorry
#1 RISO Screening and Linearity;
#2 Experimental Screening Methods;
#3 Spot vs Process Color;
#4 Duotone Printing;
#5 Color Space + Gamut;
#6 2CLR ICC profiles;
#7 Custom CMYK separations in Photoshop;
#9 3CLR and 4CLR N-Color ICC Profiles;
#10 Soft Proofing;
#11 Photoshop Separation Output; and
#12 InDesign Pre-Press Workflow.

CMYKinda* (v3) will be held once weekly from August to December 2024 mirroring a general US fall academic semester. The live workshop meeting schedule will be listed in the Central Time Zone as that is where the host is located. Date and Times to be determined.

For more information view the WORKSHOP SYLLABUS HERE: