Field Notes from Unseen California [ Folio + Book ]


** The Unseen California folio includes a copy of the newly-published book LANGUAGE HAS NO WEATHER: Fields Notes from Unseen California **

Field notes from Unseen California is a limited edition risograph-printed folio featuring 5x 12" x 15" risograph prints and a Signature/Colophon page with works by:

Aspen Mays,
Dionne Lee,
Karolina Karlic,
Mercedes Dorame and
Tarrah Krajnak

The folio was published in collaboration with UNSEEN CALIFORNIA on the occasion of an October 2023 exhibition at Penumbra Foundation (NYC).

The 5x risograph prints were printed by Travis Shaffer using a purpose-built COPPER - STEEL - YELLOW .icc profile on French Paper Co. Pop-Tone Whip Cream paper and are housed in a hand-made screen-printed folio using brass archival fixtures and G.F. Smith Colorplan Paper.

Limited Edition of 100 copies